Stellar Lifestyle is the largest managing agent of retail and advertising spaces in Singapore’s rail network. We create vibrant transit destinations through continuous innovations by enhancing the experience of commuters to engage and better serve the public.

Discover the suite of exclusive value-added services that we offer to our retail tenants:


FastJobs reaches non-executive jobseekers on their mobile phones by connecting with more than 300,000 job seekers across web and mobile to trusted companies hiring for customer-facing & operational roles.

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Hive Kitchen

Hive Kitchen managed by Incubaker is Singapore’s co-working kitchen studio for food-makers powered by passion, collaboration and innovation.

Examples of what you can do here:

  • In-person and broadcast culinary demonstrations
  • Product showcases and sampling
  • Specialty launch events
  • Focus group sessions, and market surveys or validation
  • Curated networking events
  • Experiential culinary arts
  • Food culture immersion workshops
  • Guest chef appearances
  • Educational sharing and training workshops (nutrition, food sustainability, new equipment, etc.

Hive Pavillion

Hive Pavillion is a unique space in a downtown MRT station that sees thousands of commuters.

Examples of what you can do here:

  • Product showcases and sampling
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Launch events
  • Workshops (up to 35 persons)
  • Networking events

Hive Studio

Hive Studio is a versatile space for SMEs and startups to produce content quickly and cheaply.

Examples of what you can do here:

  • Filming of TikTok or other social media content against a green screen (wall)
  • Livestreaming
  • Filming of startup pitch and other business content

Komo Social Content Creation

Komo is a creative digital agency which specialises in video production, photography and social media content and strategy.

Enjoy Komo’s Social Media Starter Package including:

  • 2hr a unlimited photoshoot
  • Social media reel production

Simply Influence Content Creation

Simply Influence Content Creation is a team of creators who specialise in helping brands optimise their presence on TikTok. With experience in delivering content daily, they will apply their expertises to your social media accounts.

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SME Centre

SME Centre provide consultations with experienced Business to support tenants in growing their business, through areas such as overseas expansion, financing, productivity and HR. 

Expect in-person events at Hive by Stellar Lifestyle on the third Thursday of every month from March 2023.


StaffAny is an all-in-one team management software. You can manage your teams schedules, time tracking, timesheets and more – all in one place!

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StarHub’s Digital Solution

StarHub’s Digital Solutions easily connects retail operators with digitalisation and analytics to create an ecosystem that will elevate customers’ experience. Retail operators can understand the different profiles of customers and common products combinations to ensure that each profile is served with the right products and promotions. 

Enjoy StarHub’s Digital Retail Solutions now!

Strides Automotive Services

Strides Automotive Services provides one-stop automotive solutions from repair and maintenance of mechanical and electrical parts to sales of equipment installation for their customers. They also provide non-motor and motor insurance such as personal insurance, SME insurance and Corporate & Speciality Insurance.

Enjoy Strides Automotive Services now!

Tenant Advertising Support

Stellar Ace is Singapore’s Omnichannel Architect providing offline and online engagement solutions. With the daily touchpoints of Home | Travel | Eat | Shop | Play ecosystem, Stellar Ace delivers to 35 million audiences weekly.

Enjoy complimentary advertising support as an exclusive retailer within the transit network.

Tenant Asset Acquisition

We understand that publicity is crucial to grow businesses. As part of our efforts to better support our tenant network, we update our online shop directory for greater retail visibility and to enhance the shopper’s experience.

Do assist in filling up the form to keep our directory updated!


TikTok is an e-commerce marketplace that brings together sellers, buyers and creators – all within the TikTok app and can enjoy various features offered by TikTok for Business.

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Waffle Point-of-Sales CRM System

Waffle introduces a point-of-sales system powered by customer relationship management to help businesses understand their customers at scale so they can easily retarget and delight, to turn them into champions.

Transform your business today with Waffle.

WINK+ Merchant Trial

Be a WINK+ Merchant now! Reach out to over 210,000 loyal app users with an impressive 40% daily engagement for your brand.

Enjoy complimentary WINK+ Merchant onboarding for a year as an exclusive retailer within the transit network.